At the beginning of the year, we welcomed a group of 16 elite, high achieving youths to join George Town Festival (GTF) as Youth Ambassadors (YA!). These 13 to 22 year-old students emerged as the top of the park after hundreds of applications and months of casting calls.

The Youth Ambassadors program initiative has the primary aim to encourage young people to participate actively in arts, culture and community programmes. Through GTF, the YA! is given a global platform to showcase their creative skills in broadcasting, journalism, video production and design. We hope to inculcate the passion for arts among youths by exposure to world-class shows, art installations and exhibitions.

The YA! plays the role of a spokesperson of GTF as well as participating in promotional campaigns and community engagement. During this one-year service term, the YA! learn new skills and gain experience by working closely with the GTF team and the festival participating artists.

A community project, Why Art, was launched in May with the objective of understanding how the local art scene has changed lives and inspired people. The YA! roamed the streets of George Town, interviewing and collecting, engaging stories from people of different races and age groups.

Before the festival begins, the YA! launched Where To, where they conduct exclusive interviews with artists and gain backstage access to rehearsals.

What?s On will commence during the festival, where the YA! will provide live coverage on street events and reviews on shows.

Check out their works on this page or @GTFYA on Facebook and Instagram.