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Since its inception in 2010, the festival has grown from being an event to celebrate George Town’s inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage listing, to become a major festival in the region – bringing world class acts to Penang and connecting with some of the most exciting performers from around the globe.

Acting as a bridge to link art, culture & heritage to tourism, it receives support from various government bodies of both the Penang State and the Federal governments. At home, it is fast becoming a household name, with the festival audience reaching over 200,000 in each of the last 3 years.

Each year we look forward to partnering with private organizations to showcase intriguing and unique acts at the festival. No sponsorship/partnership is too small for us to consider – we will work with any organization interested in being a part of the festival to bring arts and its brand to the community. As a general guideline, we offer partnerships in the following categories :

  • Main sponsors with branding across the entire festival
  • Category exclusive sponsors e.g. Official Beverage Sponsor/Partner (costs vary with extent and types of sponsor activations)
  • Programme sponsors (both local and international programmes are available)
  • Travel Partners, including hotel, travel & venue
  • Media partnerships
  • Sponsors of community tickets
  • Hospitality packages for your top customers

For more information and to work out a partnership package best suited to your organization, please contact:
Lisa Case, Festival & Partnerships Manager –