The Poverty Line

Photography | Singapore

The Whiteaways Arcade

11 AUG - 2 SEP 2018
11:00am - 6:00pm

The Poverty Line explores a simple question: what does poverty mean?

The visual project is a project by Chow and Lin, an artist duo. It began in China in 2010 and has since expanded to 28 countries across 6 continents. The Poverty Line uses the universal lens of food to examine the choices you would face if you lived at the poverty line.

The exhibition shows a series of photographs where each picture denotes the daily food choice a poor person will have in a particular country at the time the photo was made. The food items are placed on local newspapers purchased on the day of the shoot, with the dimensions and lighting carefully measured to have a uniform aesthetic across time and geographical spread.

The result is a large typological photographic statement that addresses the complex issues of global poverty using economics, photography and food choices.

The project was referenced by the World Bank and has been exhibited as large scale installations in Paris, Tblisi, Hong Kong, Taipei, and many more cities. It has also been extensively featured in international media including BBC, Le Monde, and CNN.

Stefen Chow is a Malaysia-born, Singapore-raised photographer, named as one of Asia’s top photographers by Nikon. Lin Huiyi is an economist by training and is a market researcher, currently leading the China office of a global strategic market research agency in Beijing.

Stefen Chow & Lin Huiyi (“Chow and Lin”)

Photo credit: Chow and Lin

6 hours

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