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25 AUG 2018 (SAT)
26 AUG 2018 (SUN)

Instant Theatre is a unique collaboration between artists and space. What the artists choose to do with the space given to them – that’s up to them.

International and local performance artists will bring their impulse and spontaneity to this performance space and create live, on-the-spot, whirlwind performances using their body, speech, and everything given to them. The result is a never-seen-before, never-to-be-seen-again exploration of art.

Designed by Chinese performance artists group XiaoKe x ZiHan, Instant Theatre is specially created to support independent artists and give them a platform to show their works. XiaoKe x ZiHan will perform alongside seven independent Chinese performance artists and a specially selected group of artists from Malaysia.

Take part

If you are a performance artist based in Malaysia and would like to be a part of Instant Theatre, please fill out the form by clicking here. Instant Theatre is looking for six artists to participate.

How to qualify:
Age: 18+
Gender: Any of the 56 Google genders
Performance experience: None needed

We welcome…
Your authentic body and movement; no acting, no faking, no putting on airs
Solo work
Spontaneity and impulse

What we offer:
A performance venue, simple equipment, and interesting objects
Help to facilitate your performance
A small production fee
Accommodation, if you are not based in George Town

What we don’t offer:
Travel fees
Performance licence or certificates
Detailed instruction for your performance

Click here or click ‘Artist Registration’ above to apply to take part.

Cast & Crew
Curated by: Xiao Ke, Zi Han (“XiaoKe x ZiHan”)
Performer: 阿鸣 Aming
Performer: 丁悉 DingXi
Performer: 雷琰 LeiYan
Performer: 李艺赫 Li YiHe
Performer: 罗月冰 Luo YueBing
Performer: 木芫 Mu Yan
Performer: 志豪 Zhi Hao

Information coming soon
Not suitable for audience members under 6 years of age. We reserve the right to refuse admission to latecomers. Ticket holders are strongly advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled performance start.

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