Attending The Festival

Let's Have Fun Together!

Free-to-attend & public events

There are many events which are free-to-attend while some need prior registration due to limited space. Make sure you register ahead for programmes as indicated.

Ticketed Performances

We want everyone to have a great time when visiting the theatres, and there are a few rules you need to know. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions of sale.

Ticket prices, concessions and discounts

Different ticket prices have been established; some low to allow for greater access to our shows and others higher for those who prefer to pay that little extra to secure better seating. Whenever we can, we offer cracking concessions on many of our shows.

Early Bird Promotions

We offer Early Bird discounts of up to 30% discounts. Purchase your tickets early and secure your desired seats before others take claim of them. There may be similar offers later but your choice of the best seats in the category may no longer be available.

Other Discounts

To facilitate access to our shows, we also offer up to 50% discounts for the following:

  • Senior citizens, aged 60 and above
  • If you are claiming benefits or have a disability
  • Special student tickets at designated ticket areas [see Student Tickets below]

[Having your ID and other pertinent document with you will allow for smoother access for shows]. We also offer

  • Group discounts for purchase of 10 or more tickets/show
  • Ticket packages

Availability of discounts is usually limited to a certain no. of seats or a certain period. We also reserve the right to withdraw the discounts at any time. You cannot combine different discounts or apply them retrospectively.

Ticket Resale

To protect everyone from ticket touts, we do not allow the resale of our tickets for private commercial gain. They are sold for use by the buyer and his or her party. We can cancel tickets or refuse entry. if there’s any breach of this condition, For your own peace of mind, please only buy from official outlets – which is directly from us or from one of our approved agents.

Refunds and exchanges

Please refer to the booking agent’s terms & conditions when purchasing tickets

Customer service: security, comfort and safety for everyone


To ensure everyone can enjoy a memorable visit to the theatre in comfort, we reserve the right to refuse admission of latecomers. Ticket holders are strongly advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled performance start. Please note that traffic jams or bad weather cannot be accepted as reasons for late arrivals.Please start out early enough, taking into consideration all of the above scenarios - these are not within yours or our control! The organiser reserves the right to determine at what time and in what manner latecomers are admitted:

  • If possible, latecomers will only be admitted during a suitable break in the performance which may be the interval (if applicable).
  • Where there are no suitable breaks in the performance, we reserve the right to refuse admission, as directed by the performance group. [This is to minimize disturbance to audiences already seated and enjoying the performance].

Latecomers, please do not ask for a refund as it is your responsibility to arrive in time for the performance, just like the other audience have.

Unavoidable changes to performances

Sometimes with live performances, unavoidable changes to the advertised programme and casting may occur, and we reserve the right to make the necessary changes without notice.

Bag Searches

Please note that for your security, on occasions we may carry out bag searches on admission to the theatre. Use of mobile devices and cameras during a performance Please leave your mobile phones and cameras in your bag. Any kinds of audio or video recording and photography are not allowed, as they can be hugely distracting to live performers and inconsiderate to other patrons. If in the rare case that a performance allows for use of any of these, an announcement will be made before the show starts. If there are no announcements, please DO NOT try to use any of them while inside the auditorium.

Venue Rules

Quite often, drinks (water included) ARE NOT ALLOWED in some performance auditoriums. Please respect the venue rules. If you have any ‘out of the ordinary ‘ conditions, please approach the organizers before the day of the performance.


All venues are of course non smoking venues. All smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted in the building. If you pop out for a smoke during the interval, please be considerate to other patrons and passers-by, and use the bins provided. We cannot guarantee re-admission to the auditorium if you pop out for a smoke during a performance.

Use of strobe lighting or special effects

Wherever possible we will indicate in advance the use of strobe lighting or special effects. If you have any concerns, please ask one of the team.

Your right to privacy

Signs will indicate if authorised photography or filming is taking place during your visit in the foyers or auditorium. If you do not wish to be featured, please inform a Duty Manager at the GTF Information Booth.

Child policy
  • We want our productions to be enjoyed by everyone. As much as we love young children, they can get bored or be easily upset by special effects, creating unwanted situations. If your child is admitted within the age requirement but is outwardly uncomfortable, it would be good to leave the auditorium.
  • Many of our shows carry their own individual age guidance, but as standard practice for our main shows at Dewan Sri Pinang, we do not admit children under 5. If in doubt, just call us and check before the day of performance to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Everyone admitted to the theatre needs to be in possession of a ticket, and we offer children aged 5-18 a 50% discount. Please make sure you purchase a ticket for your child(ren) to avoid non admittance and related embarrassments that may result.

Student Tickets

Student ticket prices have been kept low to allow for access to as many performances as possible. The festival has designated student ticket areas and any purchase in this category means seating is strictly within these areas. If parents want to sit with their children, we propose that you purchase tickets for your children, under the child category (50% discount) as opposed to them buying a student ticket.

Disability Access

Many performances are held in older buildings which either do not have lift or wheelchair access. We apologize for this and suggest that you check facilities before buying your tickets. [At the main venue which is Dewan Sri Pinang, lift accessibility is not available however, there is a ramp for wheelchair access. Please contact us in advance if you require assistance.

Your ticket to the show

We are attempting to make access to shows seamless. Whether you purchase your tickets online (recommended) or at one of the designated outlets, all you need to do is to show at entrance a print-out of the ticket or mobile ticket (on your mobile) to gain access to shows.

Any need for further information can also be directed to us via the contact details below.

Tel: +604 261 6308 (Office hours: 10am - 6pm weekdays)

Email: info@georgetownfestival.com