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Arts for Humanity

Since its inception in 2010, George Town Festival has strived to create opportunities for everyone to experience international art and culture. With many free shows and affordably priced tickets, the festival has attempted to make the arts accessible to all. This will hopefully encourage the local community to value the arts, overturn their prejudices and realise that as human beings, we are all innately the same.

The festival has been giving out free student and community tickets for GTF shows in the past few years in hopes of using the arts to build bridges over differences and bring together a strong and united local community. In 2015, we took the initiative a step further by launching the Arts for Humanity project. Through this project, we look forward to raising funds from the public to nurture the arts and upcoming artists.

Anyone wishing to support this cause may donate USD1 or more to the project. The funds collected this year will be used to fund even more student and community tickets for GTF shows as well as organise educational workshops and clinics.


We believe that arts should be accessible to the community irrespective of economic, racial and social divisions. The mission for Arts for Humanity would be to help bridge the gap by providing:

  • An accessible platform to the arts for all
  • A connection between educational experts, aspiring artists and practitioners of the arts
  • A platform through which artists and practitioners in the creative industry can showcase their work


To create or facilitate events, projects and funds, under the following initiatives:

  • Access
  • Breaking barriers
  • Community engagement
  • Development of talent
  • Education

Thank you for your contribution

Thank you to all donors who have given generously to the Arts for Humanity project.

In addition to individual contributions, we have also received sponsorship of community tickets from the following organizations which have contributed to over 1000 community tickets in 2016.

  • Yayasan Hasanah
  • Silk Air
  • Edison Hotel
  • Think City

Individual donations received to date will be channeled to the purchase of community tickets for our 2017 highlight shows.

To join in this programme, email or call:

Community Tickets

George Town Festival, together with partners, has distributed student and community tickets to the public with an aim to provide better access to international shows and to cultivate a better appreciation of the arts.

  • $10,000 USD (approx. RM45,000*)
  • Fundraising Period: June - August 2017

Educational Workshops

Many of us learn effectively as a result of practical hands-on sessions. In partnership with several local and regional facilitators, including LASALLE College of the Arts, we hope to hold up to 24 workshops in 2017 for students and the community.

  • $16,000 USD (approx. RM72,000*)
  • Fundraising Period: 2017/2018

Grants for 5 Asean Visual Artists

Arts for Humanity aims to provide grants to five ASEAN visual artists. They will each receive RM50,000 with RM30,000 to go into their project and RM20,000 to go towards art exposure trips. These artists? works will premiere at GTF in the next few years.

  • $55,000 USD (approx. RM250,000*)
  • Fundraising Period: 2018

Grants for 5 Asean Performing Arts Projects

Arts for Humanity also aims to provide grants of RM300,000 each to 5 ASEAN performing arts groups to produce performances that will make their debut at GTF in the next few years.

  • $333,300 USD (approx. RM1,500,000*)
  • Fundraising Period: 2018