A Night at Hin

Step into a world of imagination, fantasy and creativity at A Night At Hin! Spend three unforgettable Saturdays with their themed nights and explore the diverse talents of artisans and craftsmen at the ultimate arts market in town. Come dressed in your most creative outfits, groove to their eclectic playlist, and be a part of this vibrant arts community!

Bansan: Rasa-Rasa Pasar

Bansan: Rasa-Rasa Pasar is a board game capturing the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling local market. Experience the intricate dynamics of a local market as you engage with fellow vendors, customers, wholesalers, and municipal council officers. Get ready for a chaotic and exhilarating taste of the market experience!

Warna Warni George Town

Embark on a journey of exploration and reimagination with the Warna Warni George Town colouring workshop, led by the talented artist Azmi Hussin. These workshops give you the opportunity to learn from Azmi while pushing the boundaries of creativity. Join us for an inspiring and transformative experience that will leave you with a fresh perspective and a newfound appreciation for the beauty of tangible heritage.

George Town Discovery Walk 2023

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of George Town’s UNESCO World Heritage Site listing with the annual George Town Discovery Walk! Join us in this 5-km fun walk and discover the various sights, smells and sounds amidst our intangible and tangible heritage, best experienced by walking through the inner city’s historical enclaves. Come and witness, learn and cherish the legacy and identity of our heritage city.

The Library of Unread Books

The Library of Unread Books is a travelling public library initiated by artist Heman Chong (Producer) and Renée Staal (Producer and Librarian). It is made up of books that were previously owned by people who have not read them, and have now decided to share them with everyone else. Within the spaces of Blank Canvas, this collection of unread books will be shared and exchanged by readers and visitors. This is in hopes of challenging the notion of community spaces within the city.