Panggung Semar

Immerse yourself in a traditional theatre performance that explores timeless tales and contemporary issues brought to life through the skilful blend of Makyong, Wayang Kulit and Dikir Barat. Journey into the heart of some of Malaysia’s traditional arts through Panggung Semar: Geliga Embun and experience a night rich in Malaysian-Malay history, heritage and culture.

Material Woman in the Beauty World

Material Woman in the Beauty World is a new one-actor play by veteran Malaysian playwright Leow Puay Tin. The play is a microscope into the life of women who embody courage and resilience, determined to survive amidst the harshness of the world. Performed by Ling Tang, an accomplished Malaysian actress, and under the compelling direction of Tung Jit Yang, Material Woman in the Beauty World challenges how we understand what it is to be a woman today.

BAKAWALI: An Atypical Journey

Framed by the notion of mindfulness, BAWAKALI: An Atypical Journey is an experimental production which draws audiences to explore the relationship between meditation, creativity, and knowledge. Produced by Lee Swee Keong, the production is a space for audiences to converse and interact with each other, known and unknown, creating pockets of ideas and suggestions on how meditation can be used to sustain the body and mind for creative outcomes.


bhumiMATA premiers with an evocative and thought-provoking narrative that
(re)examines aspects of heritage and tradition across generations. Inspired by varied dance forms and featuring a range of dancers, bhumiMata is a multidisciplinary production holding a vessel of the past and the present through the female lens.

My Ugly Duckling

My Ugly Duckling is about a little girl who finds companionship in a most unique way. Inspired by the well-loved fairytale “The Ugly Duckling”, the play is an endearing story for children and adults alike. Witness this heartwarming narrative of endurance, love, and reconciliation for the family to enjoy.