Sounds from the East


Sounds from the East is a live music concert with bands hailing from the beautiful states of Sabah and Sarawak, offering a mesmerising fusion of healing sounds, tranquil melodies and rich cultural heritage. The pre-festival programme presents unique Bornean indigenous cultural influences, infusing music with a deep sense of authenticity and history. Performances will also see the use of traditional instruments in contemporary arrangements and the blending of ancient melodies with innovative compositions. Together, Sounds from the East is a powerful tribute to the rich musical heritage of East Malaysia’s indigenous communities, preserving and celebrating their vibrant traditions.

Sounds from the East also offer festival-goers and local residents an avenue to deepen our understanding of East Malaysia and strengthen our ties to Malaysian cultures and heritage. The family-friendly event is more than music; there will be food and nature – the perfect opportunity for families, friends and children to spend quality time together while learning about each others’ culture and our shared heritage.

Sounds from the East is presented by George Town Festival and is supported by Design Village Outlet Mall.

About At Adau

At Adau is an independent ethnic fusion band originating from Sarawak. The band’s journey began in 2014, and is characterised by their seamless integration of contemporary music produced with traditional instruments such as the Sape, a traditional lute of the Orang Ulu, as well as the Bedok and Kidibad (traditional drums from the Bidayuh ethnic group). With a deep-rooted inspiration drawn from ethnic sounds, At Adau aims to convey messages of positivity and unity through their music, encapsulated by their motto, “Music That Heals.”

About Pinanak Sentah

Pinanak Sentah, an ethnic contemporary band blending traditional and modern music, was established in early 2014 in Kuching. The name “Pinanak Sentah” in the Bidayuh Biatah language means “Generation of Sentah” with ‘Sentah’ being the name of village in Kuching, Sarawak, where members of the band live. The name is a reflection of the band’s vision and identity.

Pinanak Sentah has garnered recognition for their distinctive sound and creative compositions, leading them to release their own EP and songs on various digital music streaming platforms. Their music can now be enjoyed by listeners worldwide on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music, allowing their unique fusion of traditional and modern elements to reach a wider audience. With their captivating performances and evocative musical expressions, Pinanak Sentah continues to captivate fans and make a mark in the music industry.

About Bamboo Woods

Bamboo Woods was established in 2015 with a commitment to revolutionise bamboo music performances. The band’s desire to transform the presentation, style and musical composition of bamboo music has been the driving force behind their current conceptual focus, which encompasses both traditional and contemporary elements. Bamboo Woods has received resounding success in various competitions and the widespread recognition by audiences.

Through their music, Bamboo Woods aims to share the rich heritage of Sabah’s bamboo music tradition across the globe and inspire individuals, particularly the younger generation, to embrace its charm and foster a deep love for its art and musicality.


8 July 2023


7.00pm - 11.00pm


Outdoor Car Park, Design Village Outlet Mall

Free Admission

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