Renaissance & Baroque Gems


Renaissance and Baroque Gems is a historically informed performance exploring an anthology of compositions from the High Renaissance to the Baroque periods. The experience is an exposition of compositions by celebrated and prominent figures such as Tallis, Byrd, Morley, Dowland, Purcell and Handel. Bask in the rich tones, shifts in rhythm and progression of melodic lines presented through acapella, vocal and period instruments, including the Renaissance Lute, Baroque Violin, Viola da gamba, Guitar and Spinet. Within the soundscapes of St. Jo’s Chapel, this instalment of Renaissance and Baroque Gems is for lovers of the art and its representations of humanity, religion, and spirituality.

About VerSeS Music Ensembles

The VerSeS Music Ensembles is a Malaysian collective of musicians formed in 2002. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, VerSeS features a wide range of musical interests led by Artistic Director & Vocal Coach, Scott Woo. The soloist ensemble is dedicated to performing and promoting various solo classical vocal, choral, and instrumental music, covering music from the Renaissance to modern-day original compositions. VerSeS is active in non-profit education programs such as “The Singing Balcony” and several long-running lecture recital series (such as Renaissance & Baroque Gems, Art Song Artistry, Sounds of Iberia) and historically informed concert programs, often delivered in collaboration with tertiary education institutions, art galleries, and independent venue hosts.


20 & 21 July 2023




Chapel @ St. Jo’s Level 2, Gurney Paragon Mall


RM90, RM324 (Group of 4)

Age Suitability

12 years old and above

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