George Town Discovery Walk

Discovery Walk

The inner city of George Town is a myriad of sights, smells and sounds best experienced by walking through the various streets and enclaves within the city. Celebrate the 15th anniversary of George Town’s UNESCO site listing with a shared-community exploration of our history and heritage this 7 July!

From architectural legacy, historical notes, cultural and traditional practices to our street art and informative iron-rod sculptures, the 5-km George Town Discovery Walk is a way to discover the character, identity and significance of its tangible and intangible heritage.

Join us in an experience of community engagement and exchange to witness, learn and cherish George Town’s outstanding value as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


George Town Festival is pleased to present the “Penang at a Glance” photography exhibition, featuring familiar and rare snapshots of Penang captured from the lenses of four local shutterbugs from four different backgrounds – engineers Govindarajoo Selvathurai and Thum Chia Chieh, civil servant Oh Chin Eng and professional photographer Sherwynd Rylan Kessler. See the state at its most dramatic, graceful and unexpected at this stunning exhibition, from its breathtaking landscapes, festivals, celebrations, arts, culture, heritage, people and lifestyles. The exhibition aims to enable locals and visitors to get to know Penang in a deeper way by highlighting the state’s diversity and inspiring a more profound desire to cherish and conserve its prized heritage through photography.

* Only those who are fully vaccinated (having received the second dose of vaccine after 14 days, or after 28 days for single-dose vaccines) are allowed to enter.

* Only children aged 13 years and above are allowed to enter.

“Penang at a Glance” Photography Exhibition


7 July 2023




Beach Street, George Town, Penang

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