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pulu’em and Luna

pulu’em & Luna are a music and dance performance that pays tribute to the cultural and spiritual significance of Taiwan’s indigenous musical, natural and cultural heritage. Together, the performances bring a profound experiential, cultural celebration of Taiwan’s indigenous narratives.

Queens of Asia

Catch the star-studded lineup of Asia’s TOP Comedy Queens for a night of belly laughter of epic proportions! The two-hour special promises an invasion of hilarity and empowerment, only with the Queens of Asia.

The Senses

The Senses invites us back to Penang Hill’s ancient rainforest for an evening of deep connection to our roots in indigenous, cultural, and natural heritage. Find rest within the surroundings of our Biosphere Reserve for a shared sensorial experience between two countries, four cities, and three UNESCO-designated sites.

Renaissance & Baroque Gems

Bask in the tonal architecture of compositions from the Renaissance to Baroque with this musical exposition through voice and period instruments. Presented by the VerSeS Music Ensembles, join us to celebrate the simplicity and complexity of pieces from the era within the spaces of a 107-year-old chapel.

The Monkey King Adventures: Love of Onibaba

The Monkey King Adventures is a localised staging of the classic tale featuring the intangible heritage of string puppets (from Japan) and potehi glove puppets (from Penang). Witness the wonders of traditional puppet theatre through this collaborative production by team ITO (Japan) and Ombak Potehi (Penang).

My Ugly Duckling

My Ugly Duckling is about a little girl who finds companionship in a most unique way. Inspired by the well-loved fairytale “The Ugly Duckling”, the play is an endearing story for children and adults alike. Witness this heartwarming narrative of endurance, love, and reconciliation for the family to enjoy.


bhumiMATA premiers with an evocative and thought-provoking narrative that (re)examines aspects of heritage and tradition across generations. Inspired by varied art forms and featuring a range of dancers, bhumiMata is a multidisciplinary production holding a vessel of the past and the present through the female lens.

Inspirations from the Southeast — Penang, Malaysia

Date: 22 & 23 July 2023
Time: 2.00pm & 5.00pm
Venue: GSC Cinema, Gurney Plaza

Inspirations from the Southeast is a captivating documentary series featuring places in Southeast Asia, the region in the south of Taiwan. By blending the old with the new, the documentary captures the wisdom of Southeast Asia countries and their histories, providing insight into the significance of preserving one’s own culture. The current screening focuses on Penang, Malaysia, with an exposition on the city makers of George Town. As a UNESCO World Heritage city, the residents of George Town aim to make their city a living heritage. Whether it’s the stained walls of the street houses, the smells of various spices in the market, or the sound of the Songkok maker paddling the sewing machine, these essential historical and cultural elements of Penang are making the old city new. By portraying the stories of the living heritage, the documentary offers perspectives on everyday life and how city makers continuously shape and transform our experiences of tangible and intangible heritage within the city.

Dates & Times:

29 July 2023 | 8.00pm
30 July 2023 | 3.00pm
30 July 2023 | 8.00pm


Majestic Theatre


RM50, RM180 (Group of 4)

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