Batik Showcase: A Modern Interpretation

Fashion Show

Batik is the traditional art of decorating using wax and dye and is appreciated for its vivid colours and intricate animal and floral motifs. The art form has been around for centuries, originating from maritime Southeast Asia, or Nusantara, as the region is also known. In Malaysia, Batik has seen an increase in interest, especially in recent years, with a new generation of designers falling in love with the art form and traditional fabric.

Batik Showcase: A Modern Interpretation brings a new wave of Batik in contemporary fashion, with various apparel and styles showcasing its versatility. The showcase is curated by Ivan Choo, director of Velvet Signature and features homegrown talents and leading Malaysian designers, including Aden Yong, Aliza Rezki, Edric Ong, Eric Choong, Hassan Abu Bakar, Koay JiTong, NaimButek, Tri Siswanto, and Zack Lee.

Buoyed by the rhythms of the ethno-pop duo Buddha Beat, watch as the inner city comes alive with beautiful colours, intricate designs, complex patterns and techniques unique to the art form, all displayed before our eyes as the city transforms into a fashion runway.

Celebrate and be inspired by the diversity and charm of this timeless classic with this eclectic selection highlighting elements of local and regional art, culture and heritage.

Batik Showcase: A Modern Interpretation

Date: 30 July 2023
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Beach Street, George Town

Experience the vibrant fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion at the Batik Showcase: A Modern Interpretation! Immerse yourself in the versatile world of Batik as various apparel and styles take center stage, showcasing its timeless beauty.


30 July 2023




Beach Street, George Town

Free Admission

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