The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing

Augmented Reality Exhibition

Stuck in her bed following an accident in 2017, young French illustrator Elly Oldman created an Instagram account of endless drawing: @theinfinitedrawing. There, she deploys all her creativity and overflowing imagination in her very personal graphic style. Some 200 Instagram posts, 15 metres of drawing, and 18,000 followers later, she partners with Electroni[k] and works with &Friends and Benjamin Le Baron, mixing drawing and augmented reality (AR) to create “The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing”, a giant and evolving interactive fresco. Through the fresco, Elly Oldman tells us an incredible wacky fable with an ecological and environmental background – no action is small and everyone, at their own level, can make an effort to respect the planet, by considering how they can manage their rubbish, reduce their environmental impact, and relationship with other people.

“The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing” is an original augmented reality (AR) work of art from Elly Oldman, supported and produced by Electroni[k], in co-production with Le Cube, Center for digital creation, Stereolux and with the support of Artefacto.


Elly Oldman (Illustrator)

Elly Oldman is a young, self-taught illustrator from Rennes who made a name for herself on social media in 2017 with her project @theinfinitedrawing. She is committed to several solidarity and civic actions and discovered her passion for drawing while convalescing. Aware that this creative momentum contributed to her recovery, she has been drawing every day since, feeding her drawings with her aspirations and what inspires her every day. She is a prolific and colourful person, sharing these drawings, her moods and trade secrets on social media with no filters. This enables her to maintain a close relationship with her community of followers, who return the favour!


&Friends (Audio visual design studio)

Two professionals working with images, Odré and Martin are &Friends. They pooled their technical skills and respective creative worlds to design a company where exchanging ideas and human relationships are given priority. &Friends combines its know-how in filmmaking while injecting a healthy dose of passion for art, culture, research and innovation that work towards future social and educational development. Alongside their design project, they worked with Elly Oldman in 2019 on creating the video animations scattered through “The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing” to discover in augmented reality (AR).


Benjamin Le Baron (Musician)

Benjamin has always been immersed in music and was previously a composer in the group F.Hiro (Pop-Electro), taking his electronic sound experimentations further through various musical projects (Fragments, Black Velvet Stereo, etc.) and freelance sound illustrations for exhibitions and orders. Since 2012 he has also been leading workshops and training based on an introduction to CAM (Computer Aided Music) and integrating new digital tools in musical creation.


Electroni[k] (Producer)

Since 2001, Electroni[k] has been developing a project dedicated to today’s artistic creation in sound, image and new media, with a particular focus on multidisciplinary and innovative creations. Every year in October, the association produces the Maintenant Festival, designed to be a snapshot of contemporary artistic practices, and creates multiple cultural actions with its partners for various audiences with art, musiques & technology as keywords.


Le Cube, Center for digital creation (Co-producer)

Le Cube is the first centre dedicated to digital creation in France. Since it opened in 2001, it has become one of the most reputable in Europe. Each year Le Cube offers more than 200 workshops and events. More than 3,000 artists from the international scene, young or experienced talents, were able to meet an audience looking for new cultural experiences. Le Cube also leads a cross-disciplinary collective reflection on the digital society and meanings given to progress, based on several media and events in which many personalities have taken part, such as Jeremy Rifkin, Joseph Stieglitz, Claudie Haigneré, Jacques Attali, Etienne Klein, Cédric Villani or Joël de Rosnay. For 19 years, Le Cube has constantly been exploring new horizons, serving an open, creative and inclusive digital society.


Stereolux (Co-producer)

Stereolux is a cultural and artistic project in Nantes orientated towards the music of today and digital arts. It is supported by the Songo association and opened in 2011. It is a venue that hosts concerts, shows, exhibitions, performances or conferences but also creation – artistic experimentation and research, workshops and sessions – Stereolux has more than 180,000 spectators throughout the season. The association has organised the Scopitone festival since 2002, an international-scale encounter dedicated to electronic cultures and digital arts. More than 50,000 festival-goers annually attend to see the 60 or so artists showcased.


Artefacto (Supporter)

Artefacto was founded in Rennes in 1998 by Valérie Cottereau, a qualified architect. The company specialises in designing and creating 3D content for property, industry, culture and virtual reality training. Artefacto has been a pioneer in augmented reality since the beginning of the 2010s. In 2018, the company launched Urbasee, its first real-scale 3D-model visualisation in augmented reality SaaS. Developed to be an innovative sales tool, thanks to its many functionalities, it also became a fantastic training support in professional apprenticeship sectors.



14 - 24 July 2022


10.00am - 10.00pm


Ground Floor, Extension Wing Atrium, Gurney Plaza


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