Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!

Children Musical Theatre

Momo is a clever yet naughty little boy. He often teases his friends, and no one likes to be with him. One day, he receives a strange gift and accidentally enters the magical world of fantasy, where Baddie, an evil wizard, lives. He wants to catch an arrogant child with no friends, which describes Momo to a T! Baddie captures Momo and wants to put him in an ugly soup to make the world an ugly kingdom, forever. Fortunately, there is also a good witch, the kind-hearted Goodie. To prevent Baddie from turning the magic world into an ugly kingdom forever, Goodie decides to rescue Momo.

Originally written and directed by the co-founder of Hong Kong-based PIP Cultural Industries, Jim Chim, “Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!” will be presented at the George Town Festival 2022 by Penang-based theatre company Noise Performance House, in conjunction with the 21st anniversary of the company’s founding. The George Town Festival 2022 edition of the theatre will be produced and directed by Noise Performance House’s co-founder Chin Teo.

About Noise Performance House

Founded on 21 July 2000 by Jason Ong, Chin Teo and several theatre-loving youngsters, Noise Performance House is a Penang-based theatre company, notable for its engaging performances and other theatre-related activities such as drama camps and drama competitions. Led by Mandy Wong since 2022, Noise Performance House currently has 138 members.

Jim Chim Sui-man (Original Playwright)

Jim Chim Sui-man is an award-winning Hong Kong-based stage actor and comedian who co-founded the Theatre Ensemble company with Olivia Yan in 1993. He is known for his work on movies such as “You Shoot, I Shoot” (2001), “Men Suddenly in Black” (2003) and “Driving Miss Wealthy” (2004). He has also devoted himself to theatre training and had established the Pleasure in Play (PIP) artistic concept. He has been invited to conduct acting and movement workshops at various local and international universities and professional arts organisations, including Ecole Philippe Gaulier (UK), The Theatre Practice (Singapore), National Theater Company of China, and U-Theatre (Taiwan). As a playwright, he is best known for writing and directing Theatre Ensemble’s popular children’s production “Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!”.

The Theme of Reimagine: Storytelling in Motion

Join us for a virtual talk with filmmakers Tunku Mona Riza, Indrani Kopal, and Dennis Lai in “The Theme of Reimagine: Storytelling in Motion”. They will discuss the impact of reimagination on their filmmaking journeys and how the pandemic has affected the industry. Drawing on their diverse backgrounds in filmmaking, the speakers will also excavate the power of short films and what is needed to tell a good story. Make sure to stay till the end of the talk, where the speakers will share their experiences in judging close to 700 submissions for the “G-Short” Short Film Festival and impart useful advice for aspiring filmmakers. The talk will be moderated by Penang-based media artist Goh Choon Ean.

Date: 17 July 2021
Time: 2.00pm
Platform: Zoom

The Tools to Reimagine: Lights, Sound, Action

Join us for a conversation with Joe Loy and Sam Koay in “The Tools to Reimagine: Lights, Sound, Action” as they share their journeys in their respective careers, the importance of their fields of work, and how each is used in enhancing and reimagining scenes and storytelling in films. Drawing from their experiences, they are also set to discuss the importance of synergy among the different production team members. The talk will be moderated by Penang-based media artist Goh Choon Ean.

Date: 17 July 2021
Time: 4.00pm
Platform: Zoom


About Joe Loy
Joe Loy is a music producer, engineer, educator, singer, songwriter, musician, and voice talent. His experience as a performer with unique songwriting abilities has made him a regular at various open mic sessions, features, and private events. He was involved in various events, including IGMF Festival Ormoc Philippines 2019, IGMF Festival Pattaya 2019, Siti Nurhaliza on Tour 2019, Calum Scott Live in Singapore, and plenty more, in different capacities – as a guitarist to a crew member. Although quiet and usually working behind the scenes, he is no stranger to the local music industry. He is known for his contribution to Anuar Zain’s “Ketulusan Hati”, Aizat’s “Percubaan Pertama”, Bob’s “Cinta Terhalang”, Adibah Noor’s “Kawan”, and more. Currently, Loy serves as an adjunct lecturer at UCSI University and Sunway University, teaching live sound and studio sound courses and live sound and production workshops.

About Sam Koay
Kuala Lumpur-based Sam Koay is a director of photography for commercials, music videos, and films. He graduated from the University of Miami, Florida, with honours in electronic media and theatre arts acting. Having production experiences from the United States to Indonesia, Sam Koay possesses a unique and fresh perspective on the art of cinematography which he brings to his commercial works. He has worked on renowned brands such as KFC, Samsung, and Coca-Cola.

Announcement of Winners

The long-awaited event is here as we announce the winners for the “G-Short” Short Film Festival! Out of 697 submissions received from 37 countries worldwide, 11 winners will be selected and a total of four awards with prizes worth RM20,000 in total will be rewarded. Join us to be part of the exciting moment!


Date: 18 July 2021
Time: 8.00pm
Streaming Platforms: George Town Festival Facebook Page & YouTube Channel

Finalists 2021

Finalists (1 – 10)

Title Country
A New Chapter Malaysia
Adjustments: It’s my way of seeing things Malaysia
Arasi Malaysia
Benda Paling Cuak Malaysia
BLOCKS Malaysia
Bloody Jackboots Iran
Captive Iran
Come Home Malaysia
Dear Alison Malaysia

Finalists (11 – 20)

Title Country
Do I know you? Spain
Exaggerated Indonesia
GOSTAN Malaysia
I Got Covid Malaysia
If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go Malaysia
Letter from Fukushima United States
Operation: Eraser Malaysia
Project Sundari Malaysia

Finalists (21 – 30)

Title Country
The Chess Players Iran
The Cover Iran
The Noise France
The Old Woman Poland
The small red, big blue Iran
Thudarcha India
Usted dirá Spain
我是谁 Who Am I Malaysia
早安(Morning ASMR) Singapore


Indrani Kopal

Indrani Kopal is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, a Fulbright scholar and a former video journalist at Malaysiakini.com. Her documentary, “The Game Changer” was screened at 17 international festivals and won multiple awards, including the Best Short Documentary award at the 2014 Harlem International Film Festival and at the 2015 Cannes American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase. In 2018, she was awarded the Mira Nair Award for Rising Female Filmmaker at the Harlem International Film Festival for her feature-length documentary, “Incarcerated Rhythm”. Indrani Kopal is the founder of Far East Documentary Centre and currently a senior lecturer at Taylor’s University in Malaysia.


Tunku Mona Riza

Tunku Mona Riza is a woman of expression! After graduating from New York Film Academy, the then television commercial director decided to pursue the path of producing and directing feature films. Tunku Mona’s asset is her passion for storytelling. With her strong sense of creativity and technical knowledge, she immediately earned her success with her second television film “Parit Jawa”, widening the window of creativity for the Malaysian film industry. Tunku Mona’s works are always based on detailed research materials and insights of true stories. With every story she tells, she does not only create it through the lens of film directing but also with her soul as though she is bringing life itself into her film. This can be seen through her debut feature film “Redha” which earned 17 coveted local and international awards, making it hold a record of the most awarded Malaysian film in the country. The internationally renowned film director shows that she has the cutting edge of making a simple story extraordinary.


Dennis Lai Chaing Ming

Dennis Lai Chaing Ming is a highly acclaimed film producer and screenwriter. He currently holds the position of president for the Chinese Film Association of Malaysia. He has been getting involved in film and television production as well as screenwriting on a full-time basis since 1989. He was a television assistant director and production manager up until 1996. Some of his most popular films include “The Iron Lady” (2009), “Ice Kacang Puppy Love” (2010), “King of Mahjong” (2015), “Let’s Eat!” (2016) and more.


16 & 17 July 2022


3.00pm & 8.00pm


Majestic Theatre

Ticket Prices:

RM50, RM160 (Group of 4)


Mandarin with English subtitled

Age Suitability:

4 years old and above

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