Jom! Pi Holland!


“Jom! Pi Holland!” is an open-air community performance that aims to bring joy to everyone who had worked hard during the pandemic, delivered by outstanding performers from different troupes in Penang gathered by The Old Boys Drama Club. The story revolves around three good friends who are about to embark on a long-planned trip to the Netherlands when the pandemic lockdown happens! They tried every means to get into the plane but met police patrolling the road. Will they end up in a lock up? Or lockdown? Or lockdown lock up?

“Jom! Pi Holland!” is brought to you by George Town Festival 2022, in collaboration with Air Itam assemblyman YB Joseph Ng’s service centre.


The story begins at Penang International Airport. The three good friends are about to embark on a long-planned trip to the Netherlands. Everyone is full of expectations and imagination for this trip, especially Ah You, who is going abroad for the first time. He can’t wait to fly over there and play wildly.

Three of them arrived at the airport on time. When they were excited to check in, they found that the airport was empty, like a dead city. God! They just realized that the government had announced the lock down of the country on the same day, and it was implemented immediately! Three of them had no clue about the sudden lockdown, but that couldn’t stop their determination to fly to the Netherlands. These guys tried every means to get into the plane, but they met a police patrolling on the road. Will the appearance of Mata help them get on the plane smoothly?

Or lokap?

Or lockdown?

Or lockdown lokap?

Production Team

Producer: Julio Lee

Playwright: Collective Creation

Director: Zhuoyou

Actors: Zhuoyou, Fuming, Zhanrui

Stage Manager: Kash


19 July 2022




Taman Kejiranan Desa Mawar


Multi-Language & Local Dialect


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