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Handcrafted Notebook

In this digital era, many of us have forgotten about the existence of conventional notebooks. Note-taking applications are readily available online and electronic gadgets like laptops and smartphones are very much favoured by the younger generations. As a result, paper notebooks are gradually left behind by those who seek instant gratification. In an effort to promote local brands and recognise homegrown creative talents, George Town Festival is releasing a notebook in collaboration with Penang-based stationery producer Muccapaper and illustrator Yuki Koe in 2021. More than just a notebook, “A Notebook” is meticulously handcrafted by Muccapaper featuring four creative, one-of-a-kind doodles with stories about the Festival illustrated by Yuki. So be prepared to glimpse into the Festival’s spirit while jotting your way through this beautiful notebook, which graciously combines the elements of arts and crafts.

About Muccapaper

Muccapaper – Craftisan by the bay. They are a homegrown brand in Penang. The word Mucca stems from kinship, denoting a close relationship as intimate as family. For them, writing is more than just a medium of communication – it is a part of who they are, inseparable from our lives. They were born into a family of stationery producers, and the rest is history. Stepping away from the one-size-fits-all approach, their passion lies with creating personalised products to reflect one’s identity, allowing them to feel connected within, ultimately finding satisfaction while staying organised.

About Yuki Koe

Yuki Koe works in the architecture field in London and is a freelance illustrator under her own brand, Yuki Doodles. Growing up in George Town, the stories surrounding the heritage city fuel her curiosity, leading her to enjoy documenting the narratives through doodling and photography. Yuki collaborates with George Town Festival and Muccapaper in 2021 as she wants to share the excitement and memories of the festival and tell the stories of people who work behind the scenes in a festival and celebrate their hard work.

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