Between 01

Advocating the culture of upcycling, “Between 01” is a thought-provoking part art installation, part dance performance by visual and performing artist Lay Heong, where she uses recycled materials, dry leaves, movement and lights to get people to rethink our relationships with ourselves, each other, the environment and the world.

Tanjong Life: The New Norm

Presented by George Town Festival, Tanjong Life: The New Norm is a comic book illustrated by Penang-born cartoonist Azmi Hussin. Follow the funny adventures of Joe G – Azmi’s buck-toothed, true-blue Penangite character – as he explores the amusing and the not-so-amusing sides of the new normal in Penang!

Lights On

“Lights On” is a virtual projection mapping installation programme which showcases George Town’s diverse cultural and historical landscapes through pulsating lights and swimming patterns projected onto a small mockup of the heritage city.