BODY X The Culprit

“BODY X The Culprit” is a unique digital theatre production that allows you to be involved in the solving of a murder-mystery and experience it as if you are living in the physical space! Shot entirely on a mobile phone, the show requires you to observe evidence, watch the crime scene as it happens, discuss with other fellow investigators online and vote for the murderer – it’s the first interactive-immersive digital theatre ever presented on Zoom.

Kehebatan Hanuman by Wayang Pak Dain

Wayang kulit is an ancient form of storytelling with immense historical value and significance. For those born in the 90s, this traditional entertainment might not be familiar. This year, George Town Festival is bringing back traditional wayang kulit performance so that everyone could get reacquainted with this vanishing traditional art form.


The pandemic has got us all confined in our bedrooms. It’s time to discover a whole new imaginative universe in “IMAGINARIUM”, an audio-immersive theatrical experience. In this entertaining and cathartic audio-immersive experience, “IMAGINARIUM” acknowledges the limitations lockdowns have imposed on the theatre industry and people’s lives. So escape the confines of your space and follow us into the impossible. Welcome to the “IMAGINARIUM”!

All Together Now

Prepare to be mesmerised by ASK Dance Company, Dua Space Dance Theatre and Sutra Foundation as they bring together cultural and contemporary dance performances on one stage in “All Together Now”. This is a commissioned work by George Town Festival 2021.