Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Photography Exhibition

There is a silver lining amidst the ongoing pandemic; while it has closed down borders and separated families, it’s opening up windows of opportunity to isolate our thoughts and to reflect on our lives, making us yearn for the nostalgic good old days while realising how important it is not to let our present moment drifts away. After all, there will be no future if there is no present; we won’t be living in the present if there are no good old days. And what better way to do so than by capturing a set of Then & Now photographs?

Brought to you by George Town Festival 2021, the “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” photography exhibition, with the tagline “Remembering the Past, Reimagining the Future” aims to encourage members of the community to travel back in time to the good old days of the past and to capture and cherish the present moment, as a way to ensure that there will be a future with a past to look back on. The exhibition also hopes to create discourses about shared experiences and values to foster community pride through the selected photographs.


Open Call for Photos

Take a moment of your day to go through old photographs. Capture your present and see for yourself how much has changed throughout the years while realising you now have a treasure waiting to be discovered by your future self. Then, submit these photos to us; we’ll tell your story the way no verbal narration, however accurate, can possibly equal.

July 2021

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