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“A studio which aims to preserve and promote traditional craftsmanship.”

Keng Hwa derives its name from its founder’s admiration of the exquisite craftsmanship by Chinese craftsmen. This woodcarving studio based in Penang upholds the spirit of traditional handcrafting and is committed to preserving and promoting the art form with new inspiration.

Today, artists in Keng Hwa Carving Studio specialise in relief carving, woodblock printing, gilding, and other traditional handicraft techniques. This year at George Town Festival, join us to experience woodblock printing and basic intaglio woodcarving through their specially curated hands-on workshops.

Woodblock Printing Experience Workshop

Before the invention of digital printing, the traditional craftsmanship of carving on woodblocks and utilising water-based ink was indispensable to woodblock printing. The technique of woodblock printing was used in various mediums, including scriptures, novel illustrations, restaurant advertisements, packaging, decorative papers, joss papers, runes, deities’ portraits and even official documents.

This workshop aims to promote a better understanding of the origin and process of woodblock printing, besides granting participants the opportunity to get hands-on experience with it. You will get to have fun and understand the differences between manual and machine printing, learn to adjust your printing skills and improve the quality of your works in the future. It will help to enhance your skills in finding and solving problems, too.

Participants will be allowed to bring their prints home. From there, you may see changes and improvements on your techniques, and they will be the best souvenirs to showcase your improvements.

Pax: 5 only (ink will be used during the workshop, so participants are encouraged to wear dark-coloured or old shirts)

Tools and materials provided: small, medium and big-sized woodblocks, red paper for printing,
ink, ink basin, water basin, brush, cloth bag, newspapers.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Basic Intaglio Woodcarving Experience Workshop

Woodcarving is one of the important traditional craftsmanship in Penang. It is widely seen on carved doors and windows at homes, deities statues, ancestral tablets and signboards.

In this workshop, you will get to know the basic techniques, tools and materials used for woodcarving. The instructor will be demonstrating the carving process before you practise what you have learnt, and you may bring your carved wood product home.

Pax: 5 only (carving knife will be used, insurance will not be included; suitable for kids aged 13
years old and above)

Tools and materials provided: carving knife and a wood piece

Duration: 2 hours

Postponed until further notice

Woodblock Printing Experience Workshop


1.5 hours

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Basic Intaglio Woodcarving Experience Workshop


2 hours



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