Docudrama Screening

The video is audio described and captioned.

See the world through the eyes of a blind woman, take a walk in the shoes of a wheelchair user, and learn how disability brings new perspectives to artmaking in “Perspectives”, a disability-led film directed by Peggy Ferroa and Michael Chua. Part documentary, part theatrical monologue, “Perspectives” is an independent project which explores the lives of Singaporeans with disabilities, told through music, monologues and works of art. It also features soundscapes by the Harmony Community Choir, a choir that primarily consists of young adult choral singers with autism and other learning disabilities. The stories by Lim Lee Lee, Victor Tan, and Stephanie Esther Fam are bound to cast a stark light on the community’s unseen challenges, unheard voices, and unspoken desires. The docudrama screening will be followed by a discussion featuring the performers and the director Peggy Ferroa.


11 July 2021



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