Nine Days Eight Shows


It’s time to get immersed in the arts – physically! “Nine Days Eight Shows” will be carried out from 4 to 12 December 2021 at various locations in Penang. Festival-goers can look forward to impressive performances, such as cultural and contemporary dance, jazz, comedy, wayang kulit, and more. Best of all, the shows will comply with strict standard operating procedures and guidelines for your safety.

* Only those who are fully vaccinated (having received the second dose of vaccine after 14 days, or after 28 days for single-dose vaccines) are allowed to enter.

* Only children aged 13 years and above are allowed to enter.

Ibuki Hati: Bamboo Flute, Piano, Strings and Dance

Ibuki Hati presents an hour-long concert featuring Japanese music and contemporary dance. Initiated by the choreographer and dancer Aida Redza and the shakuhachi (bamboo flute) player Andrew MacGregor, the narrative of the concert is carried by six pieces of music arranged in two parts, each interpreted through original dance performances.

The Senses

There’s no better place to indulge your senses than at “The Senses”. Set to take place at The Habitat Penang Hill’s Curtis Crest, “The Senses” offers an all-round sensorial experience in the one-of-a-kind concert amidst Penang’s 130-million-year-old rainforest, 800 metres above sea level.

Kehebatan Hanuman by Wayang Pak Dain

Hanuman is helping his brother Lakjuna to fight Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya. Although they have used all their physical and spiritual powers, Hanuman and Lakjuna still fail to defeat Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya. Why can’t Hanuman and Lakjuna kill Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya? Is it because Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya are too powerful or are they superheroes? Find out in “Kehebatan Hanuman”.

Ciné France

In collaboration with the Embassy of France in Malaysia and Alliance Française de Penang, George Town Festival is pleased to present “Ciné France” French movie screenings, featuring three watch-worthy contemporary French films – “The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily”, “Remi, Nobody’s Boy” and “Felicità”. From a poignant animated film to a feel-good comedy, these movies will make you fall in love with the French cinematic landscape in no time.

Make Penang Laugh Again!

Catch stand-up comedians Kuah Jenhan, Kavin Jay, and Rizal Van Geyzel in “Make Penang Laugh Again!”. Hosted by the hilarious Keren Bala Devan, the two-hour bumper stand-up comedy extravaganza will leave audiences in stitches.

Paper Moon: Jazz in the City


Paper Moon: Jazz in the City brings together some of Malaysia’s finest musicians in two complementary back-to-back concerts. The first, Purnama, is a premiere of the latest album from the award-winning group WVC Jazz. For this special occasion, they are joined by renowned names: guitarist Rizal Tony, saxophonist Yow Weng Wai, Ng Chor Guan playing the theremin, Tan Jie on shakuhachi (end-blown flute), together with singers Junji Delfino, Janet Lee, Jo and Tan Chee Shen. Come and listen to great classic songs – “Hitam Manis”, “Main Shayar to Nahin”, “Putera Puteri”, “Penang Samba”, “Song of Crossing at Dawn” and more – in sparkling contemporary arrangements.

Paper Moon: Jazz in the City

Murakami and Jazz

Paper Moon: Jazz in the City brings together some of Malaysia’s finest musicians in two complementary back-to-back concerts. The second, Murakami and Jazz, presents a unique tribute to one of Japan’s greatest cultural icons, Haruki Murakami. As one of the best-known and most critically acclaimed writers working today, Murakami himself has had a lifelong love affair with all kinds of music, and especially jazz. This unique multimedia concert combines three artistic elements: the narration of a specially written script based on Murakami’s words – from novels, short stories and essays – featuring Marina Tan and Gareth Richards as the two narrators; music directly referenced in Murakami’s texts and originals composed by Tay Cher Siang as a response to them, featuring WVC Jazz, Rizal Tony, and singers Junji Delfino and Janet Lee; and a projected montage of images drawn from art and photography, including the work of leading Japanese artists.

All Together Now

Prepare to be mesmerised by ASK Dance Company, Dua Space Dance Theatre and Sutra Foundation as they bring together cultural and contemporary dance performances on one stage in “All Together Now”. This commissioned work by George Town Festival 2021 features a heavy dose of contemporary and cultural dance movements in seven jaw-dropping performances. Expect to see the movement vocabulary of silat in “Langkah 17”, profound messages surrounding Mother Nature in “Black & White @ Variation – The Black Snake in the White”, a poignant homage to the Sun in “Aditya Archana (Odissi)” and so much more! This is a display of contemporary and cultural dances you wouldn’t want to miss.

4 to 12 December 2021



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