Nine Days Eight Exhibitions


It’s time to get immersed in the arts – physically! “Nine Days Eight Exhibitions” will be carried out from 20 to 28 November 2021. Get ready to celebrate arts everywhere from shopping malls to a cafe, historical buildings, and even a godown-turned-event-venue. These specially curated exhibitions showcase works from various genres, ranging from painting and drawing to photography and installation art! “Nine Days Eight Exhibitions” is bound to bring George Town’s art scene back to life, with strict standard operating procedures in place for your safety.

* Only those who are fully vaccinated (having received the second dose of vaccine after 14 days, or after 28 days for single-dose vaccines) are allowed to enter.

* Only children aged 13 years and above are allowed to enter.

AR/UTISTIC: Diaries on the Spectrum

After taking a break from art for a few years, Frankie Lim, a Penang-based contemporary artist living with autism, returns with “AR/UTISTIC: Diaries on the Spectrum”, an art exhibition showcasing his art pieces created before and during the pandemic as well as the subsequent lockdown. This exhibition offers us a window to glimpse into Frankie’s journey through life before and during the COVID-19 isolation from the perspective of an individual with autism.

Sama-Sama: George Town, A Multicultural Art Journey

In “Sama-Sama: George Town, A Multicultural Art Journey”, Penang-born artist Lefty Julian revisits his birthplace, George Town, and embarks on a personal journey to explore from a sensory perspective, what brings people together in our multicultural society. The result is a collection of richly illustrated visual interpretations that celebrates the Malaysian multicultural heritage, George Town style.

Between 01

Advocating the culture of upcycling, “Between 01” is a thought-provoking part art installation, part dance performance by visual and performing artist Lay Heong, where she uses recycled materials, dry leaves, movement and lights to get people to rethink our relationships with ourselves, each other, the environment and the world.

"Penang at a Glance" Photography Exhibition

See the state at its most dramatic, graceful and unexpected at the “Penang at a Glance” photography exhibition. Presented by George Town Festival, the exhibition features familiar and rare snapshots of Penang captured from the lenses of four local shutterbugs from four different backgrounds. Expect to see stunning photos emblematic of Penang’s diversity, from its breathtaking landscapes, festivals, celebrations, arts, culture, heritage, people and lifestyles.

France eMotion

The “France eMotion” photography exhibition combines photography and digital animation to take you on an eye-opening journey to (re)discover France’s rich heritage through 35 original photographs that come alive through augmented reality! The result is an artistic experience like no other.

Thank God It's Monday

Most of us look forward to the weekends but not Red Hong Yi and her artistic team – it is Mondays that they look forward to the most. For them, Mondays are spent on experimental, self-initiated and curiosity-driven personal projects. So get ready to check out the “Thank God It’s Monday” exhibition, where you can see for yourself the works created on Mondays by Red and her creative team behind the powerful TIME’s “Climate Is Everything” cover, featuring everything from a tongue-in-cheek nod to the popular meme-turned-cryptocurrency Dogecoin to localised mahjong and miniatures of fast-food restaurants.

Creative Collection

Presented to you by George Town Festival, the “Creative Collection” exhibition aims to promote and highlight local brands and identities, from promising startups to the industry’s movers and shakers. It also enables people to recognise the state as an innovative city, enhances the cohesiveness among creativity and people, reimagines and recreates the city with not only heritage and food but also creativity as a strong base and profile to elevate the economy and the people. Get to know these brands in the first edition of the “Creative Collection” exhibition from 26 – 28 November 2021.

“3 x 3” Group Exhibition

There have been many art exhibitions, but not quite like this. Happening from 26 to 28 November 2021 at Bangunan U.A.B, the “3 x 3” group exhibition features artworks by “3 x 3” residency artists created when lockdown restrictions were in place! Confined in their studios/workspaces in a one-month-long art residency programme and devoid of new locations and different cultures offered by a traditional art residency, they explored, reflected, and interrogated what their homes meant to them. Expect to see the artworks by Cassie Wong Mun Yew, Harold Reagan Eswar, Ivan Alexander Francis Gabriel, Lee Lai Queen, Liu Yong Sean, Muhamat Ammar Bin Idris, Norfatihah Binti Yusof, and Putri Intan Sari Binti Amrizal, all fitted into a space measuring only 3 metres x 3 metres – an absolute feast for the eyes.

20 - 28 November 2021



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