Little Door Festival


Positioned as ‘A Festival For Children, Inspired By Children’, Little Door Festival is working to create extraordinary Experiences for children through curated content that is Empowering and Engaging, and to facilitate the Exchange of skills among professional Theatre for Young Audience (TYA) practitioners. The name Little Door Festival is derived from the Festival’s icon of a child-sized door that only children can pass through into a space where they’re in charge.

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About the Artist

Born in Penang on 17 July 1977 as Fong Jhung Bin, A-bin Fang (方烱彬) is a Malaysian singer-songwriter. He is an alumnus of Heng Ee High School and the elder brother of A-jia Fang, another established Mandopop singer and music producer.

During the early stage of his music career, A-bin formed a music duo known as Island (“Nian Shao Zhi Dao”) with singer Qiu Wei Yi, though the latter left the group in 1997 and was subsequently replaced by Wee Kheng Ming. Following the release of several music albums in Malaysia and Taiwan, the duo split, citing reasons such as differences in interests and specialisations.

A-bin launched his first solo album “Good Guy?! A-bin” on 10 November 2008 after fellow Malaysian singer Penny Tai introduced him to Eric Chen, a renowned Taiwanese record producer and founder of record label Enjoy Music. He went on to release his second album “Bad Guy’s Love Songs: Regrets” in October 2009, which is a cover compilation of female Mandopop hits in the 1990s. In 2016, he signed with record label Ocean Butterflies.

This year marks A-bin’s 24th year in show business.

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July 2021




Hin Bus Depot

Ticket Prices:

RM56, RM70, RM224

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