Kehebatan Hanuman by Wayang Pak Dain

Wayang Kulit

Wayang kulit is an ancient form of storytelling with immense historical value and significance. It is renowned for its elaborate and orchestrated performance. For those born in the 90s, this traditional entertainment might not be familiar. This year, George Town Festival is bringing back traditional wayang kulit performance so that everyone could get reacquainted with this vanishing traditional art form. Presented by Wayang Pak Dain, “Kehebatan Hanuman” tells the story of Hanuman, who is helping his brother Lakjuna to fight Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya. Although they have used all their physical and spiritual powers, Hanuman and Lakjuna still fail to defeat Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya. Why can’t Hanuman and Lakjuna kill Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya? Is it because Kesuma Lara and Kesuma Jaya are too powerful? Are they superheroes? Little do they know that Kesuma Jaya dan Kesuma Lara could only be killed using the power of knowledge and exploiting Kesuma Jaya dan Kesuma Lara’s strength. Find out the brothers’ triumphant win in “Kehebatan Hanuman”.

About Muhammad Dain Othman

Muhammad Dain Othman, also known as Pak Dain, is a Tok Dalang (master puppeteer and storyteller). He graduated from University Kebangsaan Malaysia with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology in 1978. He is actively involved in the Wayang Kulit Melayu Tradisional Kelantan gallery and has performed locally and internationally since the 1990s. In 2004, Pak Dain joined the Sri Wayang Kampong Paloh 2 group. Today, Pak Dain continues to manage the Wayang Kulit Melayu Tradisional Kelantan gallery while recruiting more performers to continue the traditional Kelantanese Malay wayang kulit art.

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12 July 2021




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