Isle to Isle


One of the Festival’s sought-after programmes, “Isle to Isle”, is set to return this year, continuing the excitement of interpreting the spirit of exchanging cultures, communicating through the arts and connecting two islands, Penang and Taiwan, together. Besides displaying the charming side of Taiwan’s new culture, ranging from the evolution of traditional art forms to the revolution of modern creative industries, “Isle to Isle” highlights the connection between Taiwan’s cultural background and its humanistic civilisation.

Festival-goers can also expect to discover Taiwanese books and magazines which showcase the isle’s thriving publishing industry via the “Read Taiwan” pop-up concept bookstore. Another highlight is the screening of social documentaries, focusing on the spirit and life perspectives of selected Taiwanese culturati and artists to inspire the public and other creators alike. Furthermore, this year’s “Isle to Isle” will launch a series of in-depth events conducted online and onsite (with strict standard operating procedures in place) for the public to experience the aura and warmth of Taiwanese culture in these challenging times.

About Yuki Koe

Yuki Koe works in the architecture field in London and is a freelance illustrator under her own brand, Yuki Doodles. Growing up in George Town, the stories surrounding the heritage city fuel her curiosity, leading her to enjoy documenting the narratives through doodling and photography. Yuki is also a passionate theatre-goer and a festival enthusiast. She has volunteered her time mainly in immersive theatre productions in London and as an illustrator for various sets. Yuki collaborates with George Town Festival and MUCCA in 2021 as she wants to share the excitement and memories of the festival and tell the stories of people who work behind the scenes in a festival and celebrate their hard work.

  • grew up in George Town
  • always full of curiosity and love little stories around
  • enjoy writing, photography and doodles
  • love to observe people’s lives and do little doodles during travel (Little Brown Envelope project)
  • work in architecture field and as a freelance illustrator
  • has been working as a volunteer in theatre production (props hunter, illustration for set)
  • enjoy festivals and cultural events
  • passionate theatre-goer


The reasons I love festivals:

  • festivals bring people together, give life back to the community and celebrate the culture
  • able to always discover something new and connect myself to the world
  • chance to meet people (made lots of new friends and remain as great friends since then)
  • share great passion and memories


GTF and Me:

  • visited various events during GTF 2019 and really enjoyed every second
  • helped to set up one of the exhibitions and had a chance to see behind the scenes. Impressed with all the great effort from the crew, kind local community and talented artists


To be part of this project:

  • want to draw every smile and joy during the festival – audience / local community / artists / cast and crews
  • want to share the excited and fun moments
  • want to tell the stories of people who work behind the scenes and celebrate their hard work (especially during the pandemic with new normal – reimagine festival in online form and bring people together through live streaming events)
  • keep the best memories and looking forward to future events

Postponed until further notice


1 - 18 July 2021




The Whiteaways Arcade

Ticket Prices:

RM30, RM96

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