”Immerse“ Concert

Chinese Orchestra Music

Currently residing in three separate countries, three local musicians will be brought together virtually to take audiences on a deeper dive into the different styles and periods of the Chinese orchestra music in “Immerse”. In this online concert, musicians Chow Jun Yi (New York, United States), Tan Yong Yaw (Malacca, Malaysia), and Raymond Choo Boon Yew (Macau, China) – who studied traditional Chinese instruments and music in mainland China – will take audiences on an unforgettable musical journey which is segmented into three parts: the traditional music repertoires that reflect the heritage and history of the Chinese; contemporary works which seek the power of immersion in the future time and space; and works which trigger deep thinking on multiculturalism and Chinese music culture in Malaysia while they are away from home. After all, it is through the accumulation of knowledge and real-life insights that enables people to re-recognise the past, the present, and the future.

About the Musicians

Tan Yong Yaw

Born in Malacca, Malaysia, 33-year-old yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer) teacher and performer Tan Yong Yaw began learning yangqin when he was 14. In 2007, Tan moved to Singapore to pursue his studies at the Singapore Raffles Music College, where he excelled academically in yangqin studies. Subsequently, Tan moved to Beijing, China, to enroll in the China Conservatory of Music, where he obtained a Master’s degree, majoring in yangqin and another Master’s degree in performing arts. Tan has performed in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, England, Cambodia, Australia, Slovakia, and Mexico. He currently teaches yangqin to secondary school children in Malaysia and is dedicated to promoting music education in his home country.


Raymond Choo Boon Yew

Raymond Choo Boon Yew is a ruan (Chinese plucked string instrument) musician and tutor from Johor, Malaysia. After graduating from the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music in September 2006, the award-winning ruan player has performed in many countries, including China, Singapore, and Malaysia. In 2011, he formed the Ruan Chamber Orchestra and toured around Malaysia with musicians Ong May Yi, Lam Zi Peng and Neil Chua. He held his first public solo concert in Macau in July 2016. Today, Choo plays for the Macao Chinese Orchestra and teaches ruan at the University of Macau Chinese Orchestra.


Chow Jun Yi

Chow Jun Yi is an award-winning music composer, leading in making traditional Asian music a musical language of the world. His works weave elements from folk songs to contemporary classical styles, draw inspirations from the past to the present to create a sensational experience for the listeners to embrace the rich and well-blended flavours. The Financial Times commented on his music “skilful contrasts in both volume and texture.”


10 - 18 July 2021



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RM30, RM96 (Group of 4)

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