BODY X The Culprit

Digital Theatre

“BODY X The Culprit” is a unique digital theatre production that allows you to be involved in the solving of a murder-mystery and experience it as if you are living in the physical space! Shot entirely on a mobile phone, the show requires you to observe evidence, watch the crime scene as it happens, discuss with other fellow investigators online and vote for the murderer – it’s the first interactive-immersive digital theatre ever presented on Zoom. Reviewers called it “the gold standard of digital theatre” and that it has “set a standard for digital murder-mysteries both now and in the future”.

The Story

While tackling the challenges of a never-before-seen recession and rapid business decline during the Asian economic crisis of the mid-1980s, a neighbourhood kopitiam had to face another challenge – an Old Patron was found dead early morning at the table outside. All who were in contact with him the previous night – Big Boss, Kopi Auntie, Sister Cleaner, Beer Girl, Stall Owner – claimed they were not at the crime scene but all had disagreements with the victim before.

Was it an accident? Or could one of them be the murderer? “BODY X The Culprit” features multiple scenes happening simultaneously in various rooms with a unique kind of audience participation – YOU choose who to follow, where you want to be, what story development to watch and how to solve the case. Audiences will also get together to discuss notes, evaluate findings and vote for the identity of the murderer. The findings will be revealed online, 1 week after the show. The link will be emailed individually to all audiences.

“BODY X The Culprit” is produced by BODY X Productions, a pioneer in immersive-interactive site-specific murder-mystery in Singapore Chinese theatre.
Email: [email protected]
BODY X WhatsApp hotline: +65 9774 0911

Show hints will be emailed to all audiences 1 week before their show and show links will be emailed 24 hours before. In the event that you did not receive anything, please check your spam mailbox, drop us an email or a text.

About BODY X Productions

BODY X Productions, founded by Danny Yeo and Li Xie in 2014, is a pioneer in immersive-interactive site-specific murder-mystery in Singapore theatre. Conceived and produced by a group of veteran theatre practitioners, the series started with “BODY X The Wedding” at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014 and subsequently returned to The Arts House in 2016 with “BODY X The Rehearsal”, both times to sold-out performances and rave reviews.

In 2020, BODY X Productions received the National Arts Council’s Digital Presentation Grant to produce an all-new digital theatre, “BODY X The Culprit” during the COVID-19 pandemic, when physical performances were not possible in theatres. Reviewers called it “the golden standard of digital theatre” and that it has “set a standard for digital murder mysteries both now and in the future”. Local Chinese newspapers singled it out as “The Most Outstanding Digital Theatre of 2020”. The production went on to be part of the Ministry of Education’s to-watch list for secondary and tertiary students in 2021.

Pure Talents has been producing and managing BODY X Productions since 2014.


10 - 18 July 2021



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Mandarin with English and Chinese Subtitles

Ticket Prices:

RM90, RM288 (Group of 4)

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