Between 01

Art Installation

For visual and performing artist Lay Heong, COVID-19 has helped humankind put things in perspective, and the best time to reset our consciousness on a global scale is now. “Between 01” is a thought-provoking part art installation, part dance performance by Lay Heong, in which she uses recycled materials, dry leaves, movement and lights to get people to rethink our relationships with ourselves, each other, the environment and the world, all while advocating the culture of upcycling. A dance performance, “Here Now”, featuring performers Chloe Tan and Silver Yee will be played alongside the installation to grant the audience a unique experience.

About "Here Now"

Installation art is a three-dimensional art form by nature, designed to transform the perception of a space. In “Between 01”, the installation work presents the images of humans trapped in an immobile state. Through the collaborative work “Here Now”, two dancers offer their perspective on the installation art via movement by juxtaposing the still and the dynamic. Due to the prolonged lockdown in Malaysia since June 2021, this work has been altered and is now going to be presented in a video instead of a live performance. The dancers continue to look into what’s in the here and now for themselves in the midst of constant uncertainties.

“We are here. We are now. Those other times are running elsewhere. Here is shifting. Now is fleeting. While we all seem to be isolated, something within us is moving through the invisible border of being.”

About the Artists

Tan Lay Heong (Key Artist)

Lay Heong is a Penang-based visual and performing artist. After completing her Associate Degree of Visual Arts in New Era College in 2007, she pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan University of Arts in 2011. Her practice focuses primarily on installation art and shadow play performance which involves reused objects and found materials to promote and encourage upcycling.

Lay Heong is the co-founder of Plasticity Theatre Troupe, a contemporary shadow play performance group that uses reused materials to create creative puppets to raise environmental awareness and highlight human rights issues. The troupe has toured locally and internationally. Her solo exhibition, “A Real Fake Forest”, was exhibited at George Town Festival 2019 to convey a message about environmental degradation caused by human actions. She is also actively involved in community projects in which she conducts upcycling workshops to spread the concept of upcycling in our daily lives. She believes that everything on earth is unique and deserves a chance to be rebirthed into something meaningful.


Silver Yee (Dancer)

Silver Yee completed her Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies and Criticism (MA) from the Graduate Institute of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts. During her studies in Taiwan, she has danced for local and international artists, including “Remember not to say goodbye” by Lucas Viallefond; “But You Didn’t” by Jack Kek; “Thought and Voice of the Body” by Kathyn Tan; Mary Wigman’s “Dance of Death II” reconstructed by Henrietta Horn and “Unspeakable” by Su Shu. In 2017, Yee made her choreography and production debut in “Kill Your Darlings” with Jason Yap in Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). In 2020, she collaborated with Kyson Teo and Lim Thou Chun to create a full-length site-specific performance piece, “Where Souls Meet” in Kluang. As a dancer and arts administrator, she has toured internationally, including Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Scotland.


Chloe Tan (Dancer)

Chloe Tan picked up dancing after she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and graduated from the Akademi Seni Budaya Dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA) with a Diploma in Dance. Afterward, she worked as a full-time performer in the “MUD: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur” musical. Tan actively performs in Psycusix, a modern circus group, since 2017. She has also participated in various projects/productions, including “Choreolab” in Wellington (2018); “Dancing in Place” at Urbanscapes (2018); “In/Out”, a devised physical theatre (2019); “Kandang” (2019); her very first shadow play experience with Masakini Theatre Company, “Wayang: Mak Yong Stories” (2019); and “Rashomon” (2020) as the co-movement director and actor.


Fish Lim (Sound & Music Design)

As a classically trained pianist, Fish Lim is enthusiastic about music. She started working as a lyricist and composer for pop music when she was in university and has been actively involved in the performing arts industry. Soon, she extended her interest in film scoring, sound engineering and started to dabble in studio production work. Having 10 years of working experience in different performing art festivals, she was largely exposed to a wide variety of music. She was involved in various projects including “Circle of Sound” (United Kingdom), “I Musici” (Italy), “Missing” (United Kingdom), “Bambu” (Southeast Asia), and “Intriguing Instruments” (Southeast Asia). This has inspired her to start experimenting with different sounds and music with visual presentation. Currently, she is the music and sound designer for Plasticity Theatre Troupe.


Tan Wah Chew (Artwork Setup Technical Support)

Tan Wah Chew is a graphic designer who runs Found Innovative Solution for over 11 years in Penang. Besides commercial-based projects, he also enjoys working on arts and cultural-related collaborative projects related to art exhibitions, Penang’s heritage, and environmental issues. He believes every effort and contribution to this motherland and nature is rewarding.


Goh Choon Ean (Lighting Design)

Alongside 30-odd years of conceptualising, capturing, and creating still and moving images, Goh Choon Ean has channelled her efforts into supporting arts and culture, including providing video documentation, building steel pipe structures, making lamps, programming workshops, hosting film screenings, producing projection works, and designing tabletop games. She currently runs the LUMA creative studio, an initiative by LiveWire! Media, through which she continues seeking out projects and collaborations that shine a light on how people connect and bring positive changes to their communities.


Chong Ley-Lynn (Video Editor)

Chong Ley-Lynn, a Johorian based in Penang, is a creative practitioner specialising in video editing and post-production. She started her career as an assistant coordinator in local production houses and as the assistant production manager where she coordinated with international talents in the film “Battle of the Damned” in 2013. Skilled as a video editor and self-taught in graphic animation, her works can be seen in videos of different genres, documentaries, and motion graphics.

* Only those who are fully vaccinated (having received the second dose of vaccine after 14 days, or after 28 days for single-dose vaccines) are allowed to enter.

* Only children aged 13 years and above are allowed to enter.

Postponed until further notice


20 - 28 November 2021


12.00pm - 8.00pm


Jetty 35, George Town, Penang

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