A Starry Night Recital

A-bin Fang (方烱彬) is returning to Penang to sing for you!
Born and bred in Air Itam, Penang, A-bin Fang is a Malaysian singer-songwriter based in Taiwan. He is a celebrated artiste in the Mandopop scene, known for his popular songs such as “Huai Ren” (Bad Guy), which has won numerous accolades.

Little Door Festival

Positioned as ‘A Festival For Children, Inspired By Children’, Little Door Festival is working to create extraordinary Experiences for children through curated content that is Empowering and Engaging, and to facilitate the Exchange of skills among professional Theatre for Young Audience (TYA) practitioners.


The pandemic has got us all confined in our bedrooms. It’s time to discover a whole new imaginative universe in “IMAGINARIUM”, an audio-immersive theatrical experience. In this entertaining and cathartic audio-immersive experience, “IMAGINARIUM” acknowledges the limitations lockdowns have imposed on the theatre industry and people’s lives. So escape the confines of your space and follow us into the impossible. Welcome to the “IMAGINARIUM”!

Paper Moon: Jazz in the City Murakami and Jazz

Paper Moon: Jazz in the City brings together some of Malaysia’s finest musicians in two complementary back-to-back concerts. The second, Murakami and Jazz, presents a unique tribute to one of Japan’s greatest cultural icons, Haruki Murakami. As one of the best-known and most critically acclaimed writers working today, Murakami himself has had a lifelong love affair with all kinds of music, and especially jazz. This unique multimedia concert combines three artistic elements: the narration of a specially written script based on Murakami’s words – from novels, short stories and essays – featuring Marina Tan and Gareth Richards as the two narrators; music directly referenced in Murakami’s texts and originals composed by Tay Cher Siang as a response to them, featuring WVC Jazz, Rizal Tony, and singers Junji Delfino and Janet Lee; and a projected montage of images drawn from art and photography, including the work of leading Japanese artists.

Paper Moon: Jazz in the City Purnama

Paper Moon: Jazz in the City brings together some of Malaysia’s finest musicians in two complementary back-to-back concerts. The first, Purnama, is a premiere of the latest album from the award-winning group WVC Jazz. For this special occasion, they are joined by renowned names: guitarist Rizal Tony, saxophonist Yow Weng Wai, Ng Chor Guan playing the theremin, Tan Jie on shakuhachi (end-blown flute), together with singers Junji Delfino, Janet Lee, Jo and Tan Chee Shen. Come and listen to great classic songs – “Hitam Manis”, “Main Shayar to Nahin”, “Putera Puteri”, “Penang Samba”, “Song of Crossing at Dawn” and more – in sparkling contemporary arrangements.

Azmi Hussin Continues to Create During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If there’s one thing we know about Azmi Hussin, it’s that he works hard. At one point in his life, the then father of two with a third on the way had only RM 2.50 in his pocket. While sitting at the Esplanade scrolling through his phone to see who he could contact to lend him money, a tour bus stopped in front of him, and many tourists disembarked. He thought to himself, “maybe I could draw caricatures for tourists and they could pay me money”.

Down the Melting Pot

Drawing upon the associations between people, culture and place, and relating it to the concept of a hot pot cuisine, “Down the Melting Pot” will bring audiences into an intercultural journey through the perspectives of young contemporary artists.

France eMotion

The “France eMotion” photography exhibition combines photography and digital animation to take you on an eye-opening journey to (re)discover France’s rich heritage through 35 original photographs that come alive through augmented reality! The result is an artistic experience like no other.

Drawing on the Power of the Arts

The creative industry is increasingly being recognised as one of the key driving factors for economies worldwide. Indeed, the importance of the creative economy was given acknowledgement on a global stage when in 2019, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2021 to be the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. While creative economy has no single definition, it can be seen as industries that lie at the crossroads of arts, culture, business, and technology. [1] Creative economy is an essential pillar of national economic activity, and when fostered, it can be utilised in building a sustainable, holistic and inclusive future.