All Together Now

Dance Performance
Prepare to be mesmerised by ASK Dance Company, Dua Space Dance Theatre and Sutra Foundation as they bring together cultural and contemporary dance performances on one stage in “All Together Now”. This is a commissioned work by George Town Festival 2021.

George Town Discovery Walk

Discovery Walk
History buffs will find much to be discovered in George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. Happening from 7 to 31 July 2021 alongside George Town Heritage Celebrations, the virtual “George Town Discovery Walk” will take you to various historical buildings and unique street art pieces and installations in the heritage enclave.

Between 01

Art Installation
Advocating the culture of upcycling, “Between 01” is a thought-provoking part art installation, part dance performance by visual and performing artist Lay Heong, where she uses recycled materials, dry leaves, movement and lights to get people to rethink our relationships with ourselves, each other, the environment and the world.

Creative Collection

Presented to you by George Town Festival, the “Creative Collection” exhibition aims to promote and highlight local brands and identities, from promising startups to the industry’s movers and shakers.

Sama-Sama: George Town, A Multicultural Art Journey

Art Exhibition
In “Sama-Sama: George Town, A Multicultural Art Journey”, Penang-born artist Lefty Julian revisits his birthplace, George Town, and embarks on a personal journey to explore from a sensory perspective, what brings people together in our multicultural society.

Tanjong Life: The New Norm

Comic Book
Presented by George Town Festival, Tanjong Life: The New Norm is a comic book illustrated by Penang-born cartoonist Azmi Hussin. Follow the funny adventures of Joe G – Azmi’s buck-toothed, true-blue Penangite character – as he explores the amusing and the not-so-amusing sides of the new normal in Penang!

AR/UTISTIC: Diaries on the Spectrum

Art Exhibition
After taking a break from art for a few years, Frankie Lim, a Penang-based contemporary artist living with autism, returns with “AR/UTISTIC: Diaries on the Spectrum”, an art exhibition showcasing his art pieces created before and during the pandemic as well as the subsequent lockdown.


Docudrama Screening
Catch the screening of  “Perspectives”, a disability-led film featuring virtually impaired Lim Lee Lee and Victor Tan as well as wheelchair user Stephanie Esther Fam, with soundscapes provided by Harmony Community Choir, a choir that primarily consists of young adult choral singers with autism and other learning disabilities.

Kamerata String Ensemble Performance

Chamber Music
Elegantly set in the heritage centerpiece of Penang’s modern shopping mall, “Kamerata String Ensemble Performance” is set to fill the century-old chapel of St. Jo’s Gurney Paragon with the sounds of luxurious chamber music by classical composers such as Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Make Penang Laugh Again!

Comedy Show
Catch stand-up comedians Phoon Chi Ho, Kavin Jay, and Rizal Van Geyzel in “Make Penang Laugh Again!”. Hosted by the loveable MC Farid Azmeir, the two-hour bumper stand-up comedy extravaganza will leave audiences in stitches.

Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!

Children’s Musical Theatre
Momo is a clever yet naughty little boy caught in a magical world of fantasy, where Baddie, an evil wizard, lives. What happens when Baddie captures Momo and wants to put him in an ugly soup to make the world an ugly kingdom, forever? Find out in “Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!”.

Penang at a Glance

Presented by George Town Festival, Penang at a Glance is a collection of photographs captured from the lenses of four local photographers coming from four different backgrounds. The book showcases Penang’s breathtaking landscapes, festivals, celebrations, arts, culture, heritage, people and lifestyles.


Short Film Festival
G-Short is a short film festival held as part of the George Town Festival 2021 to celebrate the endless imagination and possibilities a 90-second short film can bring about. It is set to be held in George Town, Penang in July 2021.                                                          

Lights On

Virtual Projection Mapping
“Lights On” is a virtual projection mapping installation programme which showcases George Town’s diverse cultural and historical landscapes through pulsating lights and swimming patterns projected onto a small mockup of the heritage city.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Photography Exhibition
The ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’ photography exhibition aims to encourage members of the community to travel back in time to the good old days of the past and to capture and cherish the present moment, as a way to ensure that there will be a future with a past to look back on.