• 11 – 28 JULY 2019
    9:00AM – 5:00PM (DAILY)



Description | Visual Art

Inspired by the beautiful mosaic floor and the gate in Lum Yeong Tong Yap Temple, Lee Mok Yee uses incense and kemenyen to create diverse kinds of enchanting patterns yet keeping the original shape of the incense. Lee will also create another work in the temple using incense to form an octagon which represents ‘8’, a lucky number in Chinese culture and is a symbol of ‘reunion’.

Meanwhile, Superstition II sets out to delve deeper into ‘knowledge’ and ‘education’ in Ng Fook Thong Temple. There will be 12 obsolete Chinese words hanging around the space, which encourages viewers to give a second thought on Taoism’s philosophy – Four Anchors and Eight Virtues. Also, few paintings in the design of Chinese burning paper will be hung in the temple, advocating the belief that the burning process will bring it to an unidentified space. Through this piece of work, Lee wishes to criticise the roles of media during the election. Superstition II features his installation in 2016, which made use of seven coloured papers to demonstrate the scene of praying during Qing Ming.

Visit www.leemokyee.com for more of Lee Mok Yee’s works.