"What are you singing?" TAIWAN LIÃM KUA
Theatre Music
"What are you singing?" TAIWAN LIÃM KUA
Date & Time

25 - 26 August 2017


Macallum Theatre


Free Admission

About the show

How was entertainment like before the era of TV? In early Taiwan, people get the latest buzz from street performers, often playing the yueqin and the daguangxian along with singing. This traditional craft is called Liām Kua, a traditional form of ballad-singing and spoken-word storytelling. Folk tales, gods and legends, and everyday life are the themes of Liām Kua’s composition. What Are You Singing, designed by Fang-Rong Chang, Bo-Ren Wang and Yu-Qian Huang, is a remake of this cultural craft made to attract young people. It features Yang Hsiu Ching, an expert on the traditional instrument yue qin. The design concept combines television as an important present-day medium, and Liām Kua, which played a similar role in communicating news and gossip in former times.