The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik
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The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik
Tim Watts
Date & Time

30 - 31 August 2017 (show)
8:30pm (30 August)
2:30pm (31 August)

1 September 2017 (workshop)


Loft 29 @ Gat Lebuh Gereja (show)
The Whiteaways Arcade (workshop)


Show tickets from RM65, RM85
By registration for workshop

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About the show

The seas have risen, billions have died and those who are left live on farms atop skyscrapers, atop mountains. The scientists have tried everything. Floating islands sank, space probes found nothing and the ice-caps can’t be refrozen. Now science and humanity are turning to the oceans themselves. A last ditch effort to save the human race requires journeying down through the mysterious depths of the deep blue sea to find a new place for us to live.

Alvin Sputnik, who has just lost his wife, accepts this perilous mission so that he may follow her soul down to the underworld to be together once more.

This exquisite multi award-winning one-man show is a unique and charming performance, which is emotional, uplifting, touching and funny – a heart-warming and beautiful experience that’s a remarkable pocket masterpiece of invention, staging and performance.