Date & Time

31 August - 3 September 2017
8:30pm (31 August - 2 September)
3:00pm (2 - 3 September)


Penang PAC


RM38 for each ticket
Penang Pac +604-8991722/+604-8992722

About the show

What does it mean to ‘reclaim’ the ocean and cut down trees for a highway, a mall, and progress? What does it mean to be a man and a woman? What does the man who dreamed of drowning in the ocean before jumping off the Penang Bridge and Bersih 5 have in common? Directed by Tung Jit Yang, Riwayat asks these questions and brings to the stage a brutally honest, impactful, and sometimes hilarious devised piece - of movement, multi-lingual text, and original soundscapes - that reacts to the world around and within us, investigating the shared memories and stories of living and being in Malaysia now.