Malay Music In the Park
Malay Music In the Park
Date & Time

4 August 2017 (Gamelan)
11 & 25 August 2017 (Pneumanarch Music Group)
18 August 2017 (Muzik Asli)


Armenian Park


Pop-up (Free Admission)

About Gamelan

The word "gamelan" is derived from the Javanese word gamel which means 'to beat' or 'to hit'. The suffix that follows translates to the collective musical instruments that are played simultaneously. It is usually presented during official government events. At present, gamelan music in Malaysia has been commercialised with the inclusion of contemporary songs as an initiative to attract younths with the art of traditional music in Malaysia.

About Pneumanarch Music Group

To strengthen the bond between mankind and nature using music as a medium, Kicau-Bilau presents a fusion of modern and traditional instruments such as angklung, woodwind, synthesizer and more. It resembles the arbitrary chirpings of birds, hence the name “Kicau-Bilau”. Experience serenity as they melodically respond to the environment and create soundscapes.

About Muzik Asli

When Malaysian musicians of various ethnicities work together, combining the rhythmic intonation of their respective traditional music, the product is a regional (nusantara) melody strain that is one of a kind. Malaysian traditional music has an interesting history; different musical instruments that are played according to panoramic suitability. Muzik Asli showcases timeless traditional music of Malaysia.