Macam-Macam ASEAN
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Macam-Macam ASEAN
Date & Time

29 - 30 July 2017
11:00am - 10:00pm
Ofiicial launch 6:00pm
Performances 7:00pm onwards

Peperangan Bintang: Star Wars-Inspired Wayang Kulit (29 - 30 July)
Talk: 5:00pm
Workshop: 6:00pm
Performance: 8:00pm

Potehi: Kisah Pulau Pinang
29 - 30 July, 9:00pm

Gus Teja World Music
12:30pm 29 July
7:00pm 30 July

Craft Market
29 - 30 July, All day

Book Launch: The Fierce Aunty's No-Nonsense Guide To The Perfect Laksa
30 July, 2pm


Penang State Museum (Macalister Road)


Free Admission

About the show

Southeast Asia is a region unlike any other: colourful cultures, vibrant celebrations, and beautiful languages. In line with its Southeast Asia focus this year, George Town Festival opens with its own production, a market jam-packed with everything ASEAN-made.

Featuring the best in ASEAN creative products, the market also features performances blending traditional ASEAN performing arts with a modern twist.

Peperangan Bintang: Star Wars-inspired Wayang Kulit

In a galaxy far, far away, the empire is rising, Sangkala Vedeh is taking over, and it’s up to Tuan Puteri Leia with the help of her two loyal droids Si P-long & Ah Tuh to retain peace in the galaxy. Presented by Fusion Wayang Kulit, this show is a unique collaboration of science fiction and traditional Kelantanese wayang kulit, a brilliant attempt to revive the traditional art.

Potehi: Kisah Pulau Pinang

What was Penang like a century ago? Ombak-Ombak ArtSTUDIO presents a tale of love and friendship juxtaposed against activities such as the lively spice trade, street festivals, pilgrims listening to talks at the mosque, secret society fights, and dancing at the amusement parks in old Penang. Based on local tales, the performers employ traditional Hokkien potehi glove puppets, local costumes, local languages and folk music.

Gus Teja World Music

Determined to spread global peace and love through the universal, spiritual and uplifting language of music, Gus Teja World Music blends traditional musical instruments such as slonding, tingklik, drums, and flute combined with modern musical instruments such as guitar and bass

Craft Market

Stop by our booths to check out unique handcrafted goods made by budding artisans and entrepreneurs of Southeast Asia. They make perfect gifts for your loved ones and yourself!

Laksa of the Region (LOTR)

Get your laksa fix at this convergence of culinary delights! Do your laksa tastes lean towards the sour and spicy Penang Laksa, the rich and creamy Thai Laksa, or the incredibly flavourful Sarawak Laksa? Well, lucky for you, we have them all, and more! At LOTR you can sample laksas from all over Southeast Asia.


Laksa recipes from Perlis to Sarawak are documented meticulously in this book, brought to fruition by awesome creative people. Published by Penang Passion and penned by a local George Town fierce cook, expect explosive tastes and spectacular treats from the book!