Date & Time

11 - 12 August 2017
8:30pm - 9:30pm


Loft 29 @ Gat Lebuh Gereja


Tickets from RM25, RM65, RM85

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About the show

Ikat revolves around a story about the daily lives of people from different cities and countries. The problems they face, however, are the same: the consequences of living out of the rapid constant changes. Time is never enough, and as its movement gradually quickens, it becomes faster beyond normality. With the increasing pace of the economy adding onto the existing expeditious movement, people no longer have time to move together; eventually disconnecting, segregating, and becoming individualists. Yet, deep down, humans - no matter how different - are filled with love and affection of the same rank. Love is precisely what energises, revives, and makes people endure. Ikat is the basis of human endeavor moulded with love in order to build culture that characterises the human race.

The collaboration between four countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines) will bolster and establish a rapport; allowing room to exchange thoughts and ideas on a series of conflicts happening in our countries, simultaneously emitting hopes and dreams. A combination of theatre practitioners, dancers and visual artists will glow on stage; their movements accompanied by original composed pieces. During the performance, performers will move on a large material positioned on the stage, manipulated to be a canvas; using paint as mediums to express their feelings. The result will be exhibited publicly at selected locations symbolising hopes, dreams and unity.