Svara ASEAN-cover

Imagine a show that is not everything that you know of, but is everything that you are. The shows are familiar yet intriguing, the music lively yet soothing, their outfit design dates back for generations yet remains contemporary on stage today. It is a stage where all the voices of Southeast Asia converge, this is Svara ASEAN.

GTF opens with Svara ASEAN, a celebration of the artistic pride in the region, home of our tradition and culture

Accompanied the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philippine Madrigal Singers, recognised in 2009 by UNESCO as Artists for Peace”, comes with a performance of a wide repertoire of music genre.

They will be joined by flute maestro Gus Teja, who performed internationally and has three albums released. The concert will also feature Malaysians Sean Ghazi and Adibah Noor. From Thailand we present Anchee.