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AGA Performances (Asian Gems in the Arts)


  • 28 Aug 2016


  • 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


E&O Hotel


04-261 6308

The Asian Gems in the Arts (AGA) performances aim to showcase and promote unique talents from Asian countries. It is being held in conjunction with the FACP Conference, an annual event where delegates from all over Asia and beyond meet and discuss various aspects of art and culture in Asia.


This year, the Asian Gems in the Arts performances hail from seven countries around Asia, including the famous Jiangzhou Drum orchestra. An exciting new performance of Nuowu, the traditional Chinese exorcist dance, by acclaimed Taiwanese composer Yiu-Kwong Chung combined with contemporary dancer Chien-Wei Wu, is a highlight of the event.

Other showcases include Rhythm in Bronze (Malaysia), the Kabataang Gitarista (The Philippines), Yat Po Singers (Hong Kong), The HIBIKI - Resonance - with Yuhi Ozaki (Japan), an Sung Jung Trio (Korea), together with soprano singer Park Jung Won.


JiangZhou Drum Orchestra

Country of origin: China

Hailing from the ‘home of percussion’, the famous Jiangzhou Drum Orchestra is a crew of 15 members who will perform traditional Chinese drum ensemble at the AGA performance.


Yat Po Singers

Country of origin: Hong Kong

“Anyone who has seen the Yat Po Singers in action knows they are more than just an a cappella ensemble.” - South China Morning Post

Yat Po Singers is the first professional a cappella choral theatre company in Hong Kong focusing on developing original theatrical works. They have staged three full-length productions and collaborated with local dance and stage veterans, and are all set to deliver inventive mash-ups of songs at AGA.


Nuowu III

Country of origin: Taiwan

Acclaimed Taiwanese dancer Chien-Wei Wu will team up with composer Yiu-Kwong Chung and percussionist Yin Chun Chen to perform a modern version of Nuowu - an ancient Chinese exorcist’s dance.


Kabataang Gitarista

Country of origin: Philippines

This group of five guitarists from the Philippines excel in playing solo and ensemble pieces of both classical and contemporary Filipino and Spanish music. They will perform Bach and pieces by other musicians at the AGA performance.


Rhythm In Bronze

Country of origin: Malaysia

Rhythm in Bronze will perform the traditional Malay gamelan instrument with a contemporary twist. With water as an opening theme, their musical compositions will feature tales of love, surrender and retribution.


Sung Jung Trio and Park Jung Won

Country of origin: Korea

The Sung Jung Trio consists of talented young artists from Korea who will perform solo and ensemble pieces accompanied by soprano singer Park Jung Won at the AGA performance


The Hibiki - Resonance

Country of origin: Japan

The Hibiki - Resonance is a group of promising young Japanese singers who perform classic opera music as well as popular songs. They will be accompanied by pianist Yuhi Ozaki.