The Manganiyar Classroom-cover
The Manganiyar Classroom
by Roysten Abel

From the director that brought you the widely travelled The Manganiyar Seduction and The Kitchen comes his new work – The Manganiyar Classroom, placing 35 schoolboys onto a four-row bench terrace on stage.

The Manganiyar Classroom features 35 Manganiyar village children as young as eight, spontaneously sing and dance their boredom away, taunting and rebelling against their teachers. Watching the children’s buoyant performance will get the audiences reminiscing about their schooling days.

Roysten Abel is known for the combination of theatre and folk music in his works, for Manganiyar music is not to be heard, but felt. His shows are more than to just entertain, but also to raise awareness on the folk legacy’s verge on extinction because of India’s rapid modernisation.

A must-watch this year, particularly if you enjoyed The Manganiyar Seduction in GTF 2012 and The Kitchen in GTF 2014.