by Temple of Fine Arts

Fire is the most powerful force of nature. Burning at 400 degree celsius, it is aggressive and destructive, yet it is also a great unifying catalyst. With fire, copper and zinc forms brass. With fire, sugar and milk becomes caramel. With fire in their hearts, dancers and musicians from different backgrounds unite and create art.

Anthar Agni, led by 2011 Young Artist Award recipient Nawaz Mirajkar from the Temple of Fine Arts, is a music and dance tribute to the sacred fire (Agni), The show celebrates deep spiritual significance of the integration of various cultures.

The backbone of the production is Indian. The music is a combination of Chinese drums playing to the rhythm of Indian classic music. Indian and Sufi singers complete the melody with their beautiful voices, singing to Christian, Hindu and Islamic prayers. The dance is a fusion of Kathak, a North Indian dance, and Flamenco, a Spanish dance, both known for its grace and intensive footwork. These multicultural collaboration adds a new dimension to a classical Indian music performance.