Putting the pieces of this year's festival together. No prizes for those who correctly guess the picture in the puzzle though —it's too easy! 😜 / #georgetown #georgetownfestival #teaser #puzzle /
We've been chatting to Penangites around our GTF HQ neighbourhood and was charmed by this little guy. GTF: What's your favourite place in Penang? Nathaniel (totally assured): My home. Same, Nathaniel. We totally feel the same. * Keep up with the series on our FB page! * #georgetownfestival #penangite #cute
#GTF15 teaser at everyone's favourite Penang street art corner 🚲 | #georgetownfestival #georgetown #green #teaser #phonebooth |
Earth Hour 2015 // Tonight is when we can make do with just candles and moonlight from 8:30 - 9:30pm! But also remember that you can do your part all year round by turning off and unplugging electrical appliances whenever they're not in use. This earth is our home. Keeping it green can only benefit us, especially in the long run! 💡🌿💚🌏 #earthhour2015 #georgetown #green
George Town Festival is now hiring— Not one, but TWO highly skilled Graphic Designers! We are looking for fresh young talent who • work better with Photoshop than Word • prefer communicating in the language of design • are interested in having their work represent the face of our vibrant festival So if that sounds like you or someone you know, send in your CV + samples of your best work . . .